Thurs 12th November 2015: Froglife Talk!


Emily Waddell: Amphibians, Reptiles and Volunteering Opportunities! 

6:30pm, Boyd Orr Building   ( Facebook event )

Froglife is a UK organisation and charity that does a variety of work not only for frogs but for all amphibians and reptiles all across the country. Their work includes conservation, education, public engagement and communication, manual creation of bonds etc. and in-depth research. Their Scottish branch is based right here at the University of Glasgow and so we are lucky to have quite a close connection with them!

Emily Waddell, from Froglife Scotland, will give us a talk this Thursday at 6:30pm on their current work, such as the Scottish Dragon Finder Project, as well as highlighting the work our students could be doing as volunteers! So if you are interested in learning about Froglife’s fantastic work or want to get into volunteering  with them, come along to find out about the many interesting  ways in which you can get involved!

If you can’t make the talk, or are just super keen to find out more, visit Froglife’s website: